Hydrex® water treatment chemicals

Comprehensive range of chemical formulations to suit all water treatment needs.
Chemical products

Hydrex® is the Veolia range of chemicals specifically developed to optimize the performance of your utility’s systems and water assets. Our chemical solutions allow for production continuity, compliance and cost effectiveness. Strictly tested and selected by our team of experts to suit your operating conditions, Hydrex chemical products are approved by the recognized industrial and governmental entities worldwide.



Hydrex features over 3,000 formulations including both organic and inorganic chemicals designed to protect water treatment systems against scale deposition, corrosion, fouling and biological problems. 
All of these formulations meet the most stringent requirements of industrial and municipal clients all around the world. 

Chemicals for Water Treatment

A brand you can trust

Choosing the Hydrex  brand means: 

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A guarantee of quality backed by full-capacity lab-testing compliant with national and international regulations: checking of raw materials, purity analysis, strict quality control, storage of samples for all production batches, etc. 


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A certified expertise in the supply of chemicals for water treatment through a global network of blending facilities and partners, ensuring a fast delivery worldwide.

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A priority focus on risk and compliance: safety data sheets, market approvals and compliance statements to all existing and upcoming regulations (e.g. REACH, Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), Global Harmonized System (GHS), etc.).



A focus on research and development  to formulate non-hazardous, more environmentally friendly products. 


In addition to chemical products, we combine the expertise of technical teams, onsite services and a full line of automated systems and digital tools to efficiently feed the selected chemicals and monitor their performance.


Chemicals for water hygiene


A comprehensive range of products to suit all water treatment needs 

Comprehensive chemical conditioning
programs dedicated to most water applications