Chemicals for Drinking water treatment

HydrexⓇ 3000 Series designed for applications related to the production of potable water.
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For municipalities and industries, drinking water production must consistently meet the strictest quality and compliance standards. Corrosion, scaling and bacterial pollution which can impact the treatment performance and equipment lifespan must be eliminated. 
The HydrexⓇ 3000 Series is specially dedicated to these drinking water issues.




Reliable, high-quality drinking water

For drinking water treatment applications to run smoothly and in compliance with regulations,  they must remain free of scale, corrosion and contaminants. Doing so requires specialized chemical solutions supplied with the necessary certifications such as NSF-ANSI 60 or EN standards.
Market-approved in most countries worldwide, the Hydrex 3000 Series has been specifically formulated to meet all potable water treatment specifications. This range of specialty chemical formulations includes:


  • Coagulants, flocculants, liquids and powders used to remove contaminants.
  • Mineral scale and corrosion inhibitors to protect piping and membrane systems.
  • Specialty cleaners including acidic/alkaline and organic.
  • Vegetal-based products that replace acrylamide-based products without adding any harmful substances to the water.
  • Activated carbons and specific-use resins including for PFAS treatment.
  • Alkalinity builders and microbicides.
Coagulants and flocculants for potable water treatment hydrex

Features and benefits

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Comprehensive range of chemicals with  potable water certifications  and compliant with most regulations worldwide.

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Hot water treatment. 


On-site support and lab-testing  for high performance and cost-effectiveness. 


Formulations bundled with injectors for optimal dosing and real-time monitoring, allowing for predictive maintenance and management of applicable corrective actions.


Continuous development of the Hydrex 3000 range: more environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternatives to inorganic coagulants.