Modular Solutions

Introduce Modularity to your water and wastewater treatment plants

Modular solutions are selected among Veolia’s most well-known, robust and proven technologies. Thanks to pre-engineered offers with pre-selected equipment available for a wide variety of processes, modular solutions enable Veolia to provide fast-to-market and cost effective solutions, to better serve our clients.


Benefits for our customers

Save TIME and MONEY 


> Pre-selected equipment
> Pre-design modules
> Shorter lead time

Veolia offers water treatment process modules that have been pre-designed and pre-engineered with great care by our experienced team of technical experts. Be assured that we will adapt the modules and deliver performance parameters to address your needs.

In the same way, you can be assured that your plant will be equipped with best-in-class equipment from reputable suppliers - carefully pre-selected by Veolia to fit most of your requirements.

As a result, you shall benefit from a shorter lead time, meaning that your project can be expedited and completed earlier, therefore saving you both time and money.


> Optimised civil work
> Ready-to-build
> Trouble-free installation

With our meticulously-designed modules in which civil engineering is minimised, we are able to offer solutions that are ready-to-build.

In addition, our technologies are also optimised for easy installation (with some offering plug-and-play set-up) which will enable you to save on complex installations.

Our modular offer will help you to save on time and money, thanks to all the features we have implemented to our design and engineering process.


> Expendable
> Minimised maintenance
> Digitalisation

Our modular technologies have been engineered to simplify the client’s operations and require minimal maintenance. 

Some of our modular technologies also allow you to expand their main function to deal with flow increases or load increases during the lifespan of your plant.

All our modular solutions are compatible with Veolia’s digital solution — Hubgrade — a go-to for optimising your operations. Hubgrade will allow you to be aware of the status and performance of your plant instantaneously, wherever you are. Benefit from Veolia’s technical experience and AI innovation to optimise your plant performance while reducing your OPEX.


> Hubgrade, Veolia’s smart monitoring solution
> Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals

You can tap on Hubgrade, our digital service, and enjoy the additional benefit of streamlined spare parts supply - which allows for faster delivery and replacement - or opt to use our Maintenance Service Contracts.

Our modular processes have also been optimised to use our specialty Hydrex chemicals —developed to improve the efficiency of water treatment processes and minimise the cost involved with chemical consumption.

Plant owners around the world have selected modular designs to optimize their water treatment facility in terms of expenditure and time.

Suitable for various markets


Remi Thelisson

Head of APAC Modular Solutions Department

Email: [email protected]