Water Cycle Audit

A 360° Evaluation of Your Entire Water Cycle and Footprint

Water is a critical resource at industrial facilities. It can be used in the production process as well as in a number of non-production areas: product washing, Cleaning in Place (CIP), facility sanitation, and utility operations such as boilers and cooling systems. 

With increasing water scarcity and salinity, industrialists are under pressure to ensure water security for their facilities. Therefore, it is important that companies assess how water is used within their facilities, identify cost reduction opportunities, and potential water related risks which may impact operations in consideration to local regulatory compliance.

Our Screen Global Water Audit offers the above mentioned assessments to give you a comprehensive view on your entire water cycle from from the water intake, through the production process to the final discharge. We draw upon our long-term experience and water treatment expertise to build the action plan you need with the best realistic solutions which we can also implement and measure with well defined KPIs.

Our evaluation approach is inspired and adapted from International Standards such as ISO 50001 Energy Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, etc.