Chemicals for membrane treatment

Preserve and optimize reverse osmosis and membrane applications with HydrexⓇ 4000 Series.
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Fouling, scaling, oxidation and bacterial growth can reduce the performance of any membrane system, compromising treated water quality and causing early degradation of the membranes. Hydrex 4000 is a range of chemical products specifically developed for optimum protection and operation of membrane equipment.




Protect and expand the lifespan of your membranes

Membrane technology and operations are highly sensitive to the presence of many upstream  contaminants that can damage the equipment and cause unplanned maintenance, production shutdown and increased costs. The Hydrex® 4000 Series is designed to extend the solubility of these contaminants to facilitate their removal. 

Approved by major membrane manufacturers, our Hydrex 4000 is a large and tested range of chemicals designed to keep membrane modules productive and efficient while extending their lifespan

The series includes:

  • Antiscalants (many with drinking water approvals).
  • Biocontrol and offline membrane storage additives.
  • Cleaners to dissolve and remove foulants.
  • Chlorine or oxidizer scavengers to treat feedwater and prevent damage.

In addition, our experts can:

  • Assist in the analysis of membrane failures.
  • Calculate the best chemical dosing using our proprietary simulation softwares.
  • Supply on-site services.
  • Track membrane performance to minimize downtime.
onsite support for membrane operation

Features and benefits


Protect the membranes from scaling, bacterial growth and fouling.

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Formulated for all types of membranes: reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration.


On-site support by experts for long-term cost optimization.

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Maximize water recovery at high permeate quality.

Chemicals to be bundled with:

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Specific Hydrex software to calculate optimal dosing.

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Performance monitoring to define the best programs for predictive and corrective maintenance


Water pretreatment