Chemicals for systems maintenance and cleaning

HydrexⓇ 5000 Series, designed for cleaning of water systems and removal of deposits.
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Contaminants found in the piping, tanks and other wetted surfaces of a water system can cause production downtimes for cleaning operation,  health and safety risk for operators and increased costs. The HydrexⓇ 5000 Series is a range of chemicals specifically formulated for the optimal industrial cleaning and maintenance of water treatment units.  



Increase productivity with deposit-free water assets

To operate efficiently and cost-effectively, a water system must be free of any deposits that could reduce its performance. Removing these deposits also ensures the sustainable protection of cleaned surfaces

Applicable for most water and industrial processes, our Hydrex 5000 Series helps recover the properties of a clean system such as intended by the initial thermal exchange design. Doing so also increases flow rates and optimizes operating costs. The high-performance, market-approved products include:

Maintenance and cleaning products:

  • Antiscalants for steel surface.
  • Carbonate, iron oxide deposits.
  • Biological deposits.
  • Acidic cleaners.
  • Alkaline cleaners.
  • Mixed applications.
  • Bio-sourced cleaners.

Deposit removal:

  • Resin cleaning products.
  • Scale removers.
  • Degreasing agents.
  • Passivators.
  • Antifoams.
  • Surfactants.

As the conditions (type of foulants, system metallurgy, waste disposal concerns of the system to be cleaned, etc.) differ at each site, on-site support service provided by a Veolia expert can help select the most suitable formulations and build specific treatment strategies.

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Features and benefits


Effective removal of most deposits for all water treatment systems.

maintenance picto

Enhanced formulations that contribute to a longer metal corrosion protection film level than just during a cleaning.

Digital picto

Chemicals to be coupled with equipment, digital services, real-time monitoring tools and on-site service  for complete Hydrex water treatment programs.


Compliant, reliable, safe and cost-effective operation.


Focus on water, energy and chemical savings for a reduced environmental footprint.