Chemicals for cooling water treatment

HydrexⓇ 2000 Series, specifically formulated for cooling water treatment
cooling towers


A critical equipment in every industry, cooling systems represent high operational costs. Scaling, corrosion and microbiological growth constitute major issues that can reduce performance, cause system downtime and threaten the health and safety of operators because of legionella. 
Hydrex 2000 Series of chemical products were specifically formulated for optimal cooling tower operation.



Maximize the performance of your cooling water assets

In cooling systems, corrosion problems are generally linked to aggressive water or low pH. Mineral fouling is caused by scaling water and/or high skin temperatures (heat exchangers), while organic fouling is generated by factors such as bacterial growth and suspended matter linked to atmospheric dust or process leaks.

To cover all these aspects and maximize cooling tower performance, our Hydrex chemical solutions implement specific cooling water treatment programs leveraging the Hydrex 2000 and Hydrex 7000 Series. Selected by our on-site expert teams according to the specific operating conditions of your cooling systems, they include:  

  • Mineral scale inhibitors including: phosphorus and non-phosphorus based products. 
  • High-performance polymeric dispersants.
  • Specialty metal corrosion inhibitors for both anodic and cathodic protection throughout the cooling water systems.
  • Bio dispersants to aid in removing biofouling.
  • Non-oxidizing and oxidizing biocides.
  • A wide selection of cooling water system cleaning agents.

These formulations are suitable for all types of cooling systems.

Scaling and fouling

Features and benefits

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Market approved chemistries to be coupled with equipment, monitoring, digital services and on-site support for complete cooling water treatment programs.  

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Can be used with OSG HydrexⓇ to generate fresh biocide in situ from salt hydrolysis only, especially suitable for free pH cooling towers.  


Compliant, reliable, safe and cost-effective operation of the cooling water systems. 

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Preventive solutions against equipment failure, microbiological growth and legionella contamination risk. 


Focus on energy, chemical and water savings. 

Hydrex controllers for optimal dosing and monitoring of Hydrex 2000 Series.
Hydrex chemical solutions for Cooling, Hydrex OSG
Protect your cooling system and optimize performance
For optimal cooling treatment, Hydrex 2000 Series are combined with Hydrex 7000 Series
On site presence, result-driven support and high level technical back up by our teams are at the heart of our chemical treatment solutions.


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