Veolia Demonstrates Capabilities for "Resourcing the World" at Singapore International Water Week

Veolia Water Technologies exhibits today at the 6th Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) under a new corporate structure, with a renewed mission of'Resourcing the World'. Through its three core businesses: water, waste, and energy management, the company now operates under one brand, Veolia. This unified appearance will best support the Group in developing and delivering innovative solutions to mitigate the effects of economic development on the world's finite resources.

From 2 to 4 June 2014 at the Water Expo, Veolia will present an array of contemporary water treatment solutions and sustainability management tools to help industrial and municipal companies tackle global water challenges.


Veolia decided to streamline all operating segments and activities to take advantage of the world's ever changing economic, social, and environmental dynamics. The new Veolia aims to better manage, optimize, and reuse global resources through its three-pillar approach: Improving Access to Resources, Preserving Resources, and Replenishing Resources.

"By grouping our corporate entities under one name - Veolia, we are better able to communicate our leading position in the environmental services industry," Jean-Michel Herrewyn, Director of Global Enterprises explains. "Resourcing the World is our new global tagline, and it reflects our ambition and enthusiasm for constant, worldwide-reaching progress. The transformation of Veolia, symbolized by this rebranding, means that Veolia is now better poised to seize opportunities that come our way."


Aside from its renewed corporate focus, Veolia will also be showcasing several water treatment solutions under the categories of'Water & Wastewater Optimization' and'Product Recovery & Resources Recycling' at SIWW. The company will engage visitors by illustrating how water and wastewater resources can be optimized, as well as how value can be achieved through product recovery and resource recycling.

Jean-Michel Herrewyn shared, "By channelling our resources into these dedicated areas, Veolia seeks to meet the different needs of our customers. Our team of experts focus on developing sustainable solutions in their respective fields for our customers from various industries."

Within the Water & Wastewater Optimization category, Veolia will be showcasing advanced technologies like:

  • Actiflo®: a very high rate clarifier that incorporates the use of microsand (Actisand™) and polymer in a Turbomix® draft tube. This system is suitable for a range of applications such as drinking water, wastewater, and industrial water and effluents.
  • AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) / ANITA™ Mox- the MBBR technology is a biological solution that implements Veolia's biofilm principle. The flexible process is easy to operate as a standalone solution or combined with activated sludge. Based on the MBBR technology, the ANITA™ Mox is capable of treating effluents highly loaded in ammonia, and poor in carbon source. The ANITA™ Mox combines an aerobic and an anoxic process into one MBBR, using both conventional nitrite-producing bacteria and Anammox bacteria to convert ammonia into free nitrogen.
  • Biostyr™ is an effective biofilter capable of eliminating organic pollution, and nitrogenous and particulate compounds. The Biostyr™ also allows the removal of pollution in a compact structure, which contributes to its small footprint. As the Biostyr™combines a biological reactor and a physical filter to store the biomass and stop particulate pollution, it removes the need for a clarifier in this biofiltration solution.

Additionally, Veolia will present four other solutions in the Product Recovery & Resource Recycling category. These include:

  • Biothane anaerobic range of reactors that utilises biomass to convert organic pollutants into biogas in an oxygen-free environment. A proven and energy-efficient method to treat industrial wastewater, Biothane technologies feature low energy and chemical usage, small footprints, and reduced sludge handling costs when compared to aerobic alternatives.
  • EVALED™ evaporators are widely used to treat industrial wastewater. The process is capable of limiting wastewater volume and disposal costs, while complying with global environmental regulations.
  • Exelys™, an energy-efficient technology for thermal biosolid hydrolysis.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) that produces a high quality distillate that can be recycled, minimising liquid waste. The Veolia ZLD concept can be carried out through reverse osmosis, evaporation, and crystallization.

As a leader in water and wastewater solutions, Veolia also displays its environmental commitment by sharing in-house tools that enable businesses to manage their water resources sustainably. At SIWW, Veolia will share two main tools to help visitors reduce their environmental impact; one of which is their latest pragmatic tool - the True Cost of Water. The two tools are:

  • Green2Biz: Developed by Veolia in Asia, Green2Biz is a Veolia solution aiming at helping manufacturers focus on their core business while optimizing the water cycle of their manufacturing plants to ultimately reduce their environmental footprint and achieve sustainable cost savings.
  • True Cost of Water: A pragmatic tool developed by Veolia, the True Cost of Water is a game-changing methodology that focuses on the financial implications of water-related risks for public authorities and industrial companies. This tool takes into account direct water costs (both capital and operating expenditure) and indirect water costs (such as legal and administrative expenses) to determine the long-term financial implications of water risks throughout the lifetime of a plant.


As part of the SIWW program, Veolia is participating in the Water Convention - where four of Veolia's technical experts will take the stage to share their insights on the following topics:

  • Case Study - Marquette-Lez-Lille Wastewater Treatment Plant - Application of IFAS and THP for a city of future solution - Mr. Zhao Xin
  • Veolia's Experiences in Delivering Successful Operations for Industrial Water in China - Mr. Xiaohua Chen
  • Value-added Bioplastics from Services of Wastewater Treatment - Mr. Alan Werker
  • Effective and Efficient Wastewater Management - Asset Management and Resource Recovery - Mr. Xiaohua Chen to co-chair the session on "Biosolids")
  • Effective and Efficient Wastewater Management - Treatment Processes and Energy Recovery - Mr. Mark Elliot to co-chair the session on "EWW Nexus 2")
  • Water for Industries - When Green Rhymes with Profitability -Ms. Audrey Bachelay

In addition, Mr. Jean-Michel Herrewyn, Director of Global Enterprises at Veolia, is speaking at the Desalination and Water Reuse Business Forum, where he will share his expertise on the topic of 'Emerging Water Technologies in the Desalination and Water Reuse Markets'.

*To learn more about Veolia's water technologies and sustainability management tools, visit Veolia at Stand L16, Basement 2 at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre from today till Wednesday (4 June).



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