Ecodisk® Filter

The Ecodisk® Filter process complies with even stricter effluent quality standards, thanks to its secondary mechanical filtration treatment.



Technical Characteristics

  • Full disks and drum filter: Ø 2.0 m or Ø 2.7 m
  • Full shaft in stainless steel: Ø 90 mm or Ø 120 mm
  • Distance between two bearings: max. 2 m
  • Speed rotation: 3.6 rpm or 2.3 rpm
  • Tanks in polypropylene and stainless steel
  • Polyester cover


  • Silent and odorless
  • Backwashing of the filtering panels done by spraying system fed by treated water (water pressure from 4 to 6 bars)
  • Equipped with a washing dry pump
  • Sludge discharge through gravity


  • Low investment costs
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Constant quality of the treated water
  • Energy saving: drum filter is driven by the same geared motor than biodisk
  • Industrial water reserve available for washing other equipment of the plant
  • Filtering mesh: 40 μm, 20 μm or 10 μm


  • Compact and modular design
  • Fully assembled and ready to install module
  • Fast and economical installation

Several Different Versions

  • Semi-buried version: for perfect integration into the site
  • Building version: installed in an existing structure or custom-made