The next generation of RO desalination plants

Seawater desalination represents an everlasting challenge for engineers. The demand for fresh water is growing while its market prices are going down. Meeting clients’ needs for lower water costs requires investing in R&D to develop new technologies and smarter solutions.


A new disruptive reverse osmosis technology


The Barrel™ is a multi reverse osmosis (RO) element vessel which allows the RO process implementation to be strictly identical to that of current RO pressure vessels, ensuring the fresh water produced meets all desalinated water quality standards.

Fresh water supply for municipal & industrial markets.

Safe, Compact, Digital: The Barrel is a game changer.

Features and benefits

The next generation of RO desalination plants must provide: 

  • Quality: reliable production of the same quality as fresh water but at a lower cost. 
  • Safety: high-pressure systems such as SWRO desalination plants must always be safe. 
  • Compactness: it is generally less expensive to install desalination plants along the seashore where space is often limited. A compact plant also translates to lower CAPEX. 
  • Digitalisation: information is key and desalination plants must be connected to the best knowledge and expertise for diagnosis, operation recommendations, maintenance strategies and scheduling, etc.

The Barrel allows for up to 25% reduction in the footprint of the RO plant compared to current technology. Being an outdoor technology, no building or air conditioning is needed.

The Barrel provides a reduction in electrical consumption in the range of 0.05 kWh/m3 of fresh water produced, bringing considerable value in the case of IWP projects.


Seawater desalination is an increasingly key solution for the scarcity of water