Contemplating The True Cost of Water With CNBC

Veolia Water Technologies’ Asia-Pacific CEO Frédéric Théry discusses sustainable water management and solutions in Singapore with CNBC’s Senior Correspondent Sri Jegarajah.

Théry shared that businesses are “realizing more and more, with their corporate sustainable agendas, that they have no choice but to talk about water management and the cost of water”. 



Introducing the ‘true cost of water’, Théry said it is a tool that Veolia had developed — a water impact index to help companies understand how their water usage or recycling impacts their businesses or bottom lines — both in terms of cost and also in terms of less tangible outcomes like reputation.

He added, in order to support businesses in their water and wastewater management needs, Veolia offers a large panel of technologies to tackle their challenges and implement more sustainable practices. Some of these include solutions for the recycling of water — something that Veolia does a lot of in Singapore, especially for the microelectronics industry. 

“The purpose of that [recycling of water] is really to try to reduce the use of fresh water and to recycle as much as possible within the plant. We have our key technologies for that, but it's not just about the technologies — rather, how do we monitor all that? And how do we optimize the usage of these technologies? And today, we use more and more digital solutions for that.”

Find out more about Veolia’s offerings for the microelectronics industry or learn about digital water solutions for monitoring and optimization of water & wastewater treatment processes.



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