Biothane Secures UASB Project with Global Food & Beverage Manufacturer in Indonesia

 Biothane, a global leader in anaerobic technologies and part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Veolia), announced that it was awarded a contract to provide a food & beverage (F&B) manufacturer with a holistic wastewater treatment plant in Indonesia.

The F&B company produces and markets numerous international snack brands, and is a joint venture with a multinational F&B brand. Veolia's solution, which encompasses the Biothane® UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket), was selected readily for the project as it stood out amongst other conventional technologies.

This wastewater treatment solution is designed to treat highly concentrated effluents, a common occurrence within the F&B industry. With Biothane's innovation, the client will be able to process 1,032 m3/d of wastewater with a daily load of 7,000 kg COD (chemical oxygen demand). In addition, the upgrade from the current aerobic wastewater treatment process will allow the client to enjoy cost savings because the new system consumes significantly less energy. Biothane's small-footprint solution also gives the client room for the next expansion phase of its production facility.

Under the agreement, Biothane will provide the client with a complete wastewater treatment system, which includes a pre-treatment process. During pre-treatment, suspended solids, together with fats, oils and greases (FOG) will be efficiently be removed from the wastewater through screening and purification. In the next step the wastewater is biologically treated in the Biothane® UASB reactor. In this project, activated sludge aerobic treatment is used after the Biothane® UASB technology, to obtain an effluent that meets regulatory standards for discharge. The removed and produced surplus sludge is dewatered in a centrifuge.

William Solary, General Manager, Biothane Asia Pacific, said: "This partnership is our 11th Biothane project with this particular international F&B brand worldwide. The widespread endorsement of Veolia's innovations by a single company is a boost to our reputation. We hope to showcase our capabilities for the F&B industry to even more Asian businesses over the next few years."



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