Efficient Solution To Treat Biofouling For Cooling Towers In 5 Stars Hotel

The Client’s Needs

  • Biological control
  • Condenser Approach Temperature 2.2°C resulted in high energy consumption
  • Constant high condenser high pressure due to biofouling
  • Improve energy savings on operating costs

Veolia Solution

  • Veolia has been awarded a service contract to treat 3 cooling towers which have been operated for 4 years.
  • Hydrex 7514 is used for biofouling clean-up without chlorine, foaming and pH fluctuation whereas a combination of Hydrex 2510, Hydrex 2250 and Hydrex 7310 is used for treatment maintenance.
  • Besides, Veolia provided 1 year service contract including maintenance and services renewable.


  • Reduction of current biofouling in 24 hours to meet system set specification.
  • Reduction of Condenser Approach Temperature from 2.2°C to 0.8°C the next day and maintained constantly at 0.5°C. This helped to reduce energy consumption in operating the vapour compression system for air conditioning in the hotel.

The Client

The hotel started its operations in 2007. Superbly located in Singapore downtown, it is the most prestigious 5 stars hotel with 299 rooms.