Clinical Pathology

What is Clinical Pathology?

Clinical pathology involves the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing processes applied to bodily fluids, blood and tissues along with the microscopic examination of individual cells. Clinical pathologists are healthcare professionals who are experts in the study of disease, the cause of disease and the effects.

Pure Water for Clinical Pathology Labs

Clinical pathology laboratories require a continuous, consistent supply of high-purity, laboratory-grade water to support their analysis work. Uptime of clinical pathology water systems is key, and the penalties incurred by analyser companies for unprocessed samples can be significant. Our team of experts and engineers are highly experienced in designing, implementing and supporting laboratory water purification systems for clinical and biomedical laboratories.


Why Choose Veolia Water Technologies?

You need a reliable, trusted, an experienced provider of high-quality laboratory water purification systems.

Here’s why you should speak to us:


  • Extensive experience of providing clinical-grade water systems for many hospitals, laboratories and universities
  • Readily available spares and consumables ensure continuous system operation
  • Guaranteed system uptime - Excellent first-time fix rates
  • Full service offering including project management, system design, implementation, monitoring and ongoing support
  • Duplex systems ensure continuous supply and help analyser companies avoid unwanted penalties for unprocessed samples