COVID-19: in the face of the epidemic, Veolia is mobilized to continue to provide its essential services

Veolia is getting organized following the decisions in several countries to take exceptional measures aimed at stopping the COVID-19 epidemic.

The essential services that Veolia provides day after day around the world meet people’s needs for water, energy and waste management. Our Group is committed to maintaining these services in all circumstances.
Veolia activated its continuity plan at the beginning of the epidemic, to ensure the constant supply of quality services, organizing its efforts to sustain its activity country by country and business line by business line. The measures taken by our employees in Asia, the first region to be hit, limited the epidemic’s consequences. In Europe, the teams are working together to provide quality services despite the restrictions that are progressively being introduced.

Veolia’s women and men have experience dealing with crises and rely on a tried and tested organization and methods to fulfil their duties, even in adverse conditions.

“Veolia’s mission is to deliver essential services—drinking water, wastewater treatment, waste management, energy and air quality—on a daily basis. During this period, our mission is even more vital because requirements are even greater. We are fully mobilized to continue to serve you,” said Antoine Frérot in a message to the Group’s employees.

The Group’s Chairman and CEO is closely watching developments in the situation: he has asked all employees to remain vigilant and, whenever necessary, adapt their ways of operating during these unprecedented times. “Let’s bring about new kinds of solidarity, strengthen our sense of responsibility even further, and try to act where we can be most useful,” he concluded.